Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baller Profile: Dylan "TN2" Rogowski

Dylan "TN2" Rogowski, is the Beast of the East, dominating the Jefferson paint. Without even leaving the ground, Rogowski can have monsterous slams over the likes of Jake Bradway and Mike Wolner. His high-flying dunks and alley-oops are one of a kind.

Rogowski is an unstoppable force on defense. Averaging 13 blocks per game, and as Chris "Pancakes" Pankonien can attest to, if you try to score on Rogowski down-low, you will get your ship swatted. Rogowski's size alone can intimidate an opponent, and Rogowski regularily can force CJ Damaske to miss with just a strong gaze.

Although Rogowski thinks he can shoot 3's as well as Luke McGowan, he can't. His weakness is his tendency for the 3-ball, and when he's not hitting from deep, it can hurt his team. However, Rogowski is unstoppable to the rack, regularly causing car accidents on the nearby Wisconsin Street from motorists distracted by the aerial display.


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