Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CJ "King Charles" Damaske

CJ Damaske, or "the king of bling" as he's known in Japan, is the most feared competitor this side of the Mississippi. He intimidates opponents with behemoth swats, finishing with his trademark flex and shouts of "King Charles!" Little known is that CJ is actually 1.8% black, allowing him to soar for titanic slams.

CJ balls night and day, heat wave or tornado, rain or snow. The only thing that can stop CJ from balling is his most loved lady, Jackie Damaske--AKA, "Mom." His best move is the floater, which he uses to elude Dylan Rogowski's blocks. CJ is also good for at least one injury timeout every game.

CJ is a complete player, with a range that extends into California and also includes throwing down Alley-Oops. He has perfected the dunk in which he passes the ball to himself off the wall.

Injury Timeouts--1,498

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