Friday, May 30, 2008

"The Red" Barron West

"The Red" Barron West is a pure shooter who hits daggers from the perimeter. Just the sight of Barron open around the perimeter strikes fear into his opponents. With a range that extends to Nevada, Barron regularily rips the net with his swishes.

Barron is a smothering defender who steals more than Bonnie and Clyde combined. His lightning-fast reflexes jab the ball away from those he guards and shuts down his opponents. Barron also can regularily make passes around his back and between legs of opponents for assists.

Despite being a hockey player, Barron flies to the rack as if he has been playing basketball his entire life. They call him "The Red Barron" because once, according to legend, he made a pass so amazing it caused all who witnessed it to bleed from the eyes. And never see again.

Points: 10,629
Rebounds: 9,891
Assists: 17,925
3-Pointers: 5,781

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